L’histoire d’un patio fibre de verre à QUébec

An old chapel that stood empty for several years and lacked both water and sewage. What a find! Carl-Jonah and Sara hit and used the holiday to get the dream house livable.

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We got lots of space for a fraction of what an apartment in town had cost.
They have painted the house in its original Sandra color. Outdoor Lighting from Knack building preservation. Rambunctiousness is bought on the block.
Bathroom with wall tiles in half a joint, and on the floor marble tiles, Nonspecialist. Sink and mixer from Burlington, bathtub Hampton from Haifa. Shower, circular shower curtain rod and wall lights Architectural Knack. Round mirrors from Ikea. Towels in shamanistic Craft Collective, carpet House Doctor.
In the kitchen bespoke marble top from Apologia. Kitchen faucet brass from Tap well. The lighting is custom-made from textile cords.
In the dining room is a table from Hay. On the table is an old windowsill of marble bought on the block. The lighting is inherited. Box from Till design. Curtains from my window.
In the living room sofas Pesto from Innovator. The coffee table, a concrete slab with the welded chassis of their own design. Side table, Hay, swivel stool, Trialling design, carpet, House Doctor, lamps,

The former church hall is now a kitchen and living room. Paint Lady 05 Limestone from Jo tun. The newly laid wooden floor is from the Boston Celtics. Kitchen from Ikea. The fan casing is ordered by a sheet metal worker. Midnight blue velvet sofa bought at the block.
It was the air show in Univalent and Carl-Jonah Bauhaus went there with his son. When the show was over, clicked Carl-Jonah for fun in the Hem net to see what was for sale in the surroundings. A dilapidated old mission house appeared on the screen, and they took a quick turn by to peek.
There it was! In large leafy trees stood the house and rested and just waited to be rescued. Mission House in Marking-Orkesta built in 1888 as a revivalist movement reached the neighborhood. Three families gathered a total of 800 crowns to build together the house, and here they gathered for prayer, singing, sewing society and youth activities.
The house of eventually went into private ownership but had now been empty for many years. It had no water or sewage, and it was unclear, however, how this would be organized and discouraged all speculators – except Carl-Jonah and his partner Sara Milkman. They contacted the municipality and found out what was possible and had to buy the house several hundred thousand of the offer price.
– It was really a bargain, says Sara. We got lots of space, 130 square meters, at a fraction of what an apartment in the city would have cost. And besides a garden – with a woodshed now become laundry room, and a generous storage.
Sara Milkman. and Carl-Jonah Bauhaus are both interiors professionals. They are working with television, where she is assistant interior and social media editor for the Home at last, and he’s feature producer for the construction and furnishing applications Plurals paradise and finally home.
When the old mission house was in the couple’s path they had just renovated clear his apartment in Gliding and looked so small for something bigger. During the winter, drilled a new well and the upstairs bedroom was in order. There lived Carl-Jonah and Sara during the summer, while they completely renovated the house during their holiday.
They had only cold water, cooked in a temporary outdoor kitchen and a shower outdoors. At eight weeks, they would bring order to the water, electricity and sewerage and get inside the house in decent livable condition before it was time to start working again.
– The house was basically just a beautiful shell and we needed to make a complete renovation, says Sara. Old worn paneling and vinyl flooring was ripped out, they drilled for geothermal heating and heating coils were admitted under the new hardwood floors downstairs, new electricity was withdrawn, floors, ceilings and windows were replaced and a brand new bathroom was built where the former Spartan kitchen legacy.



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Ambassade du Vénézuela en France + Rhinoplasty

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